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Not dead.

2009-02-23 23:33:10 by AntitudeGames

Although the site is, sorry everybody. Been off the game creating business for about 4 years now and I shut down the site since I just wasnt motivated to maintain it anymore. Although Im sure a few of the old fans would be happy to know I'm working on a new game that is turning out pretty nice, so hope to finish it soon for everyone !


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2009-03-09 19:03:31

sweet i have high hopes for it!


2009-03-10 17:20:01

Great, hope it's as good as the others.


2009-06-26 14:34:25

I'm pleased to hear it, hope it's going to kick ass as much as your games were doing long ago.


2009-12-09 14:02:40

what happend to now it just leads me to stick page. plzz tell me... also what wappened to that superstick game it was really fun but i cant find it anyware.

AntitudeGames responds:

Look under gjlcards username ( co-author ) of Demonic Defence, he just released a new super stick so check that out ! As to the site, I sold it to that guy a long time ago because i got deeply in debt from bandwidth because of how popular the site became, and since i didn't run ads originally I wasn't making money and was forced to let it go.


2010-01-04 10:28:24

What is your new game called

AntitudeGames responds:

The game is called Raze. Its a deathmatch platformer, and we actually just finished it. We need a few more audio tracks then to find a sponsor, but soon enough it will be out !!! :D


2010-06-17 02:06:53

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