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Play it here:

and vote 5! Hope you guys enjoy it :)

Hey everyone! For those who were fans of the original raze head over to our new site and check out the Raze 2 beta demo. While it's still in its early stages, we hope you guys will love it. Make sure to leave feedback and point out any bugs you encounter.

Check it out:

Tell me what you guys think, and if you encounter any problems with it please bring it to my attention :)
Thanks guys

Raze is out!

2010-03-06 10:50:22 by AntitudeGames

Hope you guys enjoy it!


2010-02-06 10:57:22 by AntitudeGames

Hello dudes and dudettes, some of you MAY remember me from the Demonic Defence series which happened about.... 5 years ago?!? A lot has happened in this time and I'm very excited to say I have a new game on the rise !!!! Its called Raze and It's a deathmatch shooter game which will BLOW YOUR MIND :D Im working on it with Juice-tin and its complete, were now spending our time finding a sponsor for it. In the mean time check out this awesome vid of it:

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Not dead.

2009-02-23 23:33:10 by AntitudeGames

Although the site is, sorry everybody. Been off the game creating business for about 4 years now and I shut down the site since I just wasnt motivated to maintain it anymore. Although Im sure a few of the old fans would be happy to know I'm working on a new game that is turning out pretty nice, so hope to finish it soon for everyone !